Kenny 1 & 2 (兄弟ロボ ケニ1号&2号 Kyoudai Robo Keni Ichigou & Nigou?, lit. "Brothers Robo Kenny 1 & 2") are a pair of minibosses in Contra III: The Alien Wars. They are two robot brothers with mounted machine guns for arms.


BOB 1 and BOB 2 Contra 3 Snes

Encountered in the Factory Zone, right before the Big Fuzz boss fight; one is colored in red and the other in blue. They hop around and attack the player with gunfire and tackles. They can also hang from the ceiling and walls.

After sustaining enough damage, their lower body busts off, but the upper body scurries and jumps around until it is destroyed. The best way to beat them is to stay on the walls and ceiling and keep firing.

They make a reappearance in C: The Contra Adventure, reprising their role as minibosses preceeding the Big Fuzz boss fight and with a few different behavior changes.



BOB 1 and BOB 2 Contra 3 Snes halved
  • Kenny 1 & 2 are based on Snatchers, the main enemies from Konami's video game Snatcher, originally released for the PC-8801 and MSX2 computers in Japan in 1988.
    • Snatchers are in turn based on the T-800 cybernetic organism from the Terminator franchise. This reference is further carried by how they keep going after getting their legs taken out.

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