Basquez (激波砲 バスクェス Geki-ha-hō Basuku~esu?, lit. "Rapid Wave Gunner Basquez") is an enemy in the Contra series. He is a soldier who operates mounted artillery.


Basquez is a soldier who operates a mounted, heavy artillery machine gun. He fires in bursts of three projectiles at a time and then makes a short pause. He remains stationary and cannot aim at any angle other than straight ahead. The bullets travel fast, though, and these units are usually emplaced in strategic positions where they may pin the player long enough for other infantry units to come and finish the job.

Adopting a prone position in front of one will keep the player out of their line of fire and allow them to shoot at will. However, as the machine gun is armored, it takes several shots to destroy.

In the arcade version, their behavior is slightly different as the device is instead just an armored emplacement behind from which Basquez shelters himself; it has a peephole where a bazooka is inserted and one projectile is fired at a time.

Basquez units later reappear in Contra: Legacy of War, where they can actually spin around while shooting, and in Contra 4.



  • The name "Basquez" may be a reference to the character Jenette Vasquez from the 1986 film Aliens, which Contra takes inspiration from.
  • "Bazquez" appears to be a misspelled form of Vázquez, a common Latin surname (although in Japanese, both "b" and "v" are spelled using the same character).