Bill Rizer
Rizer, from Contra 4.
First Game Contra
Bill Rizer was a member of the Contra Force and one of the greatest soldiers that ever lived. His life was spent destroying endless alien hordes.

Bill's partnership with Lance Bean was legendary.

Biography Edit

Red Falcon crisisEdit

He and fought alongside Lance, defeated the Red Falcon and his alien army, and put a stop to their plans to take over the Earth.

Thwarting the Black Falcon threatEdit

After the Red Falcon is killed, the two of them are accompanied by Mad Dog and Scorpion and defeat Black Viper.

Cryogenic prison sentenceEdit

In the end, he was accused of killing 80% of Earth's population and is given a sentence of 10,000 years in cryogenic prison.

Blood Falcon organizationEdit


Rizer fires his rifle into the endless hordes

He was released five years later by the Triumvirate and fought alongside Lucia to stop the Blood Falcon organization - led by his ex-partner Lance who was believed to have been killed by Bill.

Project CEdit

Not much of Rizer's activities are known during this time. It is likely he was cryogenically frozen for many years in order to still be alive when he should have been long dead. His "consciousness" was used to create a A.I. and a clone of him was made.

Reemergence & Death in 4444 ADEdit


Older Rizer aka "Mystery G"

Finally in 4444 AD he battled against the forces of Master Contra. During this time, Rizer operated under the alias of Mystery G. This how he chose to identify himself after meeting his clone and Jaguar Yagyu. He was easily able to defeat Plant Contra and was about to finish him when Rizer decided to test Bill & Jaguar as "worthy" of the title of Contra. After fighting the pair, he deemed them better than he expected and teleported away.

When the clone and Jaguar were about to be killed by Master Contra, he reappeared and blocked his blade weapon with his guns. After the clone & Jaguar were back on their feet, he received a mortal wound from Master Contra's blade. Afterwards Master Contra teleported away and the clone stayed with with Rizer when he died. When the clone asked who he really was, Rizer simply said "The same as you. Contra. I was called that..."


Rizer was able to uplift the spirits of his clone, who was able to save the world.

Background Information and NotesEdit


A picture showing the similar appearance of Bill Rizer (right) and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger (left).


Rizer's visage is based upon Arnold Schwarzenegger. His name is a tribute to actors Bill Paxton and Paul Reiser, who appeared in the movie Aliens.


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