For the original character, see Bill Rizer.

A clone (or clones) of Bill Rizer. He was a part of Project C along with Master Contra, the A.I. based on the original Bill. His main partner was Jaguar Yagyu in the two games he appeared in, Neo Contra and Contra ReBirth.



The exact circumstances of this clone's "birth" remain unclear. It was somehow a part of Project C, according to Master Contra.

First mission

In Contra ReBirth, the clone was awakened out of a cryogenic pod by Tsugu-Min the robot. He had no memory of who he was and had to be told he was Bill Rizer, a legendary Contra soldier. The clone received a message from the Galactic President about the Neo-Salamander Force time-traveling and invading Earth. After accepting the mission, he fought alongside Contra Force soldiers Genbei Yagyu and Newt Plissken.

After stopping the threat, he returned and was put back in cryogenic sleep. Shortly afterward, Plissken revealed himself to Tsugu-Min as the mastermind behind Neo-Salamander. It is unknown if the clone ever found out.

Master Contra

In Neo Contra, he and Jaguar pair up once again to solve the conflict going on in Earth, which has virtually become a prison planet. He fights various enemies, thinking he was the original Bill, until after killing Gava one last time. There, Master Contra reveals a twisted version of the truth, claiming he is the original Bill. He is unable to contain the truth and is a sitting duck for Master Contra to kill, but Mystery G blocks the blow. Unfortunately, that would be his last heroic act, as Master Contra strikes at him, causing a mortal wound. However, it is then that the real truth is revealed: Bill may be a clone of Mystery G, but he still isn't a fake if he fights for what is right, with the words: "The same as you. Contra, I was called that." escaping the original Bill's last breath, before dying with his clone by his side.

Jaguar and Bill ride a rocket toward the giant facility to face Master Contra once and for all, and fight him. They discover that he is an android and that Master Contra is actually Project C, a weapon with Bill's "consciousness" in it. After describing the definition of Bill, Project C claims that he is the original, but briefly realizes that there is no point claiming to be the real one anymore, and calls himself the ultimate form of Bill Rizer, to which the clone calls him a "heap of metal with an inflated ego." After fighting, the facility blows up and the duo have one last fight with Project C's organic head. Project C finally dies in pieces, and the two land on a whale and ride atop it as the sun's light shines through the clouds, signifying the final peace they have made. It is then unknown how the clone lived his life afterward.


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