Black Viper form 1
Black Viper
Name Black Viper
Occupation Alien
Appearances Operation C (1991)
Contra 4 (2007)

The Black Viper was an alien leader. She is also the sister of Red Falcon (As explained in the Contra 4 manual). She was the main antagonist of Operation C and Contra 4.

Information Edit

Black Viper form C2

She first appears as an alien cell contained within a glass capsule, protected by the Cyborg Robot. The Contra Force member Lance Bean launches an assault on the force's base. He defeats her protector and Black Viper herself.

Her army was attacked by Lance again, this time accompanied by Bill Rizer, Mad Dog, and Scorpion . In the end, her plans are stopped, and she gets destroyed.

Appearance Edit

Black Viper form C1

Black Viper's protector, the Cyborg Robot.

Black Viper form 2

Black Viper mutates into a gigantic creature in Contra 4.

Like Red Falcon, the Black Viper was an unstable biomass, thus she can mutate repeatedly, making her more and more dangerous in the process.

She has three known forms. Her first form is fought at the end of Operation C. The mechanical boss guarding her, the Cyborg Robot, must be defeated prior to confronting her as the final boss, a mere unprotected cell contained within glass. Two other forms of Black Viper appear in Stage 9 of Contra 4 as a praying mantis-like figure. Once defeated, Black Viper plummets to a pile of rotting corpses and becomes a gargantuan monster. The stage continues inside the Black Viper's body until the hero reaches the final battle. Inside her head above the Earth's atmosphere, the hero must take out her eyes and fight her final form which resembles that of Jagger Froid.

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