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"It's payback time!"

The ultimate fighter, created using the lastest in genetic enginering and cyborg technology. Always calm and collected, he is well trusted by the members of the force. He is better at close range and hand-to-hand combat.


Name: Brad Fang

Species: Robot Soldier, Werewolf (former)

Age: Over 100,000,000 years old.


Weapon A: Beast Shooter- A vulcan cannon with devastating power.

Weapon B: Power Punch- Damage enemies with hurricane force created by the speed of this attack.

Weapon C: Flamethrower- Short-range, but incinerates everithing near by.

Weapon D: Psychic Blaster- Holding the button down stores his psychic power. Releasing it releases the power. The longer you hold, stronger the weapon is.


Probably the more advanced of the characters to use, but used corectly he is indeed powerful. The power punch does massive damage to bosses although using it is only advised on certain ones. The Beast Shooter is great against regular foes and good against bosses, against bosses though make sure you fire close up with this weapon as it loses some of its power the farther it travels. The Psychic Blaster works well against certain bosses if you charge it completely.

An exploit is possible with the Power Punch where the blast can be turned into a fully charged shot from the Psychic Blaster. This is done by using Power Punch and switching into the Psychic Blaster (preferably as fast as possible). This allows Fang to shoot fully charged Psychic Blaster shots at will and can be rinsed and repeated to take down bosses at an unreasonable pace. This makes Fang the most powerful character in the game and the character of choice for speedrunning by a wide margin.

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