Model CX-1-DA300
Browny drawn by Yasuomi Umetsu
First Game Contra: Hard Corps
Model CX-1-DA300 Combat Robot, referred to by Contra Force comrades as "Browny" because of his warm personality. His ability to link up with numerous data systems makes him an unsurpassed intelligence tool.


Weapon A: Victory Laser - A rapid fire laser that shoots a V-shaped beam.

Weapon B: Gemini Scatter - Returns like a boomerang.

Weapon C:Electromagnetic Yo-Yo - Holding the button down causes it to automatically attack the enemy.

Weapon D: Shield Chaser - Holding the button down causes it to rotate around Browny, and releasing it fires it directly at the nearest enemy.


  • Pressing C during a jump causes Browny to hover.
  • He is largely regarded as the easiest character to use in the game due to his low height/small hitbox which makes him harder to hit for enemies, his ability to hover as well as the tracking ability & large damage of his Electromagnetic Yo-Yo. However, he is still weaker than Fang, who has the Power Punch/Psychic Blaster exploit.

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