Contra Legacy of War Player Select Bubba
Name Bubba
Occupation Member of the Hard Corps
Appearances Contra: Legacy of War (1996)

Bubba is an Alien who joined the Hard Corps. Alongside Tasha, CD-288 and Ray Poward, they took on Colonel Bassad. After making their way from a city into a hidden mountain fortress, the Hard Corps subdues Colonel Bassad. The team is then absorbed into Bassad’s brain as a last-ditch effort. Faced with several previously fought enemies, the 4 soldiers struggle to survive the onslaught of attacks in Bassad’s degrading mind.

Overcoming the mind games, the team is inexplicably teleported onto a satellite planet that houses the last of the alien threat, which is subsequently eliminated. The planet then explodes and the heroes are sent drifting in uncertainty on a broken piece of rock from the planet. Behind them, an arthropod alien is revealed to be hanging on the side of the rock.

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