C - The Contra Adventure Coverart

C: The Contra Adventure is the third and possibly the last Contra video game to star Ray Poward. It is the sequel to Contra: Legacy of War. It was released for the PlayStation and is regarded by critics to be the worst Contra game.

Story Edit

A small meteorite falls near a Mayan temple somewhere in South America. Shortly afterwards, the temple becomes occupied by aliens staging an invasion. To stop the aliens, Tasha is sent to infiltrate the occupied temple, but contact with her is lost during the operation. Ray Poward, having previously retired from the Hard Corps after defeating Colonel Bassad, is brought back into action to re-establish contact with the missing Tasha and neutralize the alien invaders.


In C: The Contra Adventure there are two gameplay styles, Sidescroller, and Third person. There are 9 stages, 3 sidescrolling levels, 5 third person levels. There is also un-traditionally a health bar, Which first appeared in Contra on MSX. You can carry up to 4 different weapons, And switch between them on the fly.

Characters Edit

  • Aliens
  • Mother Alien (Main antagonist)


0: Training

1: City Rescue

2: Village

  • Bosses:

3: Canyon 1

  • Bosses:

4: Canyon 2

  • Bosses:

5: Pyramid 1

  • Bosses:

6: Pyramid 2

  • Bosses:

7: Weightless

  • Bosses:

8: Hunting

  • Bosses:

9: Alien Lair

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