The Computer Hacker,or Noiman Cascade,is the 3rd boss in Contra:Hard Corps.The fight is split up into 2 phases:

1st phase:Constellation Nation

Cascade turns into a bunch of stars and forms the constellation Taurus.Taurus will fly around and shoot stars from it's hooves.Upon it's defeat,the stars will form into the constellation Capricorn.Capricorn will fly around and fire arrows.Upon it's defeat,the stars will form the constellation Gemini.Gemini will fly around and create an energy sphere that drops smaller energy spheres that bounce around.Upon it's defeat,the stars will form back into Cascade and the 2nd phase will begin.

2nd phase:Square Terror

Noiman will turn into a red square with an "eye" that will serve as the weak point and will create more yellow squares to form a 5x5 array.The giant square will use part of itself as a T-shaped item that will bounce around and come back.The giant square will float back to the center and once it gets a certain amount of damage,it reconfigures into a tank and will move around while shooting squares out of it's barrel.Once it has also had a certain amount of damage,it will reconfigure into a helicopter.The helicopter will fly around and drop squares from the runners at it's sides and will also use the tail propeller as a kind of saw blade.Once it has again had a certain amount of damage,the core will form back into Cascade and the fight will be over.

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