Contra: Hard Corps know as Probotector MD in the PAL Region and Contra: The Hard
Corps (魂斗羅 ザ・ハードコア) in Japan is possibly one of the hardest games of the Contra series for quite a while. Developed by Konami for the Mega Drive.


Five years after the The Alien Wars and three years after the deaths of Black Viper and Red Falcon. The Hard Corps were sent to stop Colonel Bahamut from using an alien's DNA to make a new weapon.


The game follows its predecessor. It includes a character selection screen and 4 weapon slots (The last one is for the bomb)

Every character has a different weapon rather than the same one and different endings

The Auto-fire returns and the weapons are represented with mini-blimps

Like the said game it has 5 continues (4 in the European version)

The game doesn't have a top view of the stage, but replaces it with other missions.



Ray Poward: Standard male soldier and the central figure in the Contra Hard Corps unit. His cool exterior hides a burning lust for battle.

Sheena Etranzi: A female soldier and guerrilla specialist.

Brad Fang: A genetically and cybernetically altered wolf-like humanoid with a cannon for an arm.

Browny: A small-sized combat robot. Officially known as CX-1-DA300.


Colonel Bahamut: A veteran of the Alien Wars, infamous for staging a failed coup d'état. The main antagonist of the game who has stolen the alien cell in order to overthrow the Government.

Deadeye Joe: Cybernetic, insane mercenary who is hired by Colonel Bahamut to distract the Hard Corps.

Noiman Cascade: The genius hacker who works for Colonel Bahamut. Masterminded the robot outbreak in the beginning of the game.

Dr. Geo Mandrake: The main scientist who worked with the alien cell, which ends up being stolen. Revealed to be an ally of Colonel Bahamut.

Other charactersEdit

Commander Doyle: The leader of the Hard Corps. He provides the team's mission objective at the start of the game.

Mysterious Character: Is a character that is found on the roof in Level 3.


1 City BattleEdit

Go after JoeEdit

2 High speed fightEdit

Bosses: Iron Spider, Blimp Core, Spike (piloted by Deadeye Joe)

Surrender and fight laterEdit

5 Space ShowdownEdit

Fight to the endEdit

5 ArenaEdit

6 Alien spaceEdit

Rescue the Research CenterEdit

2 Air combatEdit

Surrender and fight laterEdit

5 Military TrainEdit

6 Big BattleEdit

Fight to the EndEdit

5 ArenaEdit

6 Sea struggleEdit

7 Countdown to ArmageddonEdit

All paths levelsEdit

3 Junkyard TussleEdit

Mysterious Character ChallengeEdit

4 JungleEdit


  • The game cover uses the boss from the Rescue the Research Center level.
  • The Japanese version of the game includes a health bar and infinite continues. This was removed from the American and European versions.
  • In Level 3, just before breaking the first door, you can climb up the wall where you will find a Mysterious Character. If you accept his challenge, you will fight a boss who mimics both Simon Belmont and Simon Masoto.
  • Before the final boss (By choosing the options Rescue the Research Center and Fight to the End) Colonel Bahamut will invite the player to join him. If you choose refuse, he will fight Bahamut. If you choose agree, a bad ending will appear. Oddly this was censored in Probotector MD.[2]
  • Several bosses seem to be inspired by the 1982 Horror Film "The Thing" by John Carpenter.
  • for Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX, the top-view stages (Stage 2 and 5) from the original SNES game were replaced with two stages from Contra: Hard Corps (the Military Train and Big Battle stages).

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