Screenshot of Contra: Hero Returns

Contra: Hero Returns (魂斗罗英雄归来 in Chinese) is a game by Konami and Tencent for mobile Chinese market.

Gameplay Edit

Contra: Hero Returns is different from previous Contra games in many aspects. There are RPG elements, new levels, heroes, weapon sets and even gameplay. The game is constantly updated and new features are being added.


A lot of stages in this game are based on levels from earlier Contra games. For example, stage 1-4 is based on original Contra jungle stage and stages 1-5 and 1-6 are based on Contra waterfall stage.

Video Edit

Tencent UP 2016 - New Contra Trailer00:55

Tencent UP 2016 - New Contra Trailer

Official trailer from Tencent Up 2016

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