Contra - Legacy of War Coverart

PS1 Cover

Contra: Legacy of War is a 3D action game produced by Konami and developed by Appaloosa Interactive that was originally released in 1996 for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. It was the first of two Contra games that were externally developed by Appaloosa, followed by C - The Contra Adventure in 1998. The game marks the series' jump to three-dimensional graphics and controversial changes in gameplay. Legacy of War was released packaged with a pair of 3D anaglyph glasses, which the game supported. Legacy of War bears the distinction for being the first console game in the series to retain both the Contra title and human characters during its release in Europe and Australia (where the console series has been known as Probotector from the first NES game and up until Contra: Hard Corps). The game was scheduled to be released in Japan as well, but was cancelled.

Story Edit

Colonel Bassad, a dictator of a small country, has managed to buy off a stolen alien embryo and is now using it to breed an army of fierce alien mutants. Moreover, it is rumored that Bassad has allied himself with an unknown alien entity for his bid to world domination. Ray Poward (returning from Contra: Hard Corps) is deployed to thwart Bassad's scheme along with three of the newest members of the Hard Corps team: Tasha, a female mercenary; CD-288, a robot; and Bubba, an alien.

After making their way from a city into a hidden mountain fortress, the Hard Corps subdues Colonel Bassad. It is at this point that the plot takes a bizarre turn, where the team is absorbed into Bassad’s brain as a last-ditch effort. Faced with several previously fought enemies, the 4 soldiers struggle to survive the onslaught of attacks in Bassad’s degrading mind.

Overcoming the mind games, the team is inexplicably teleported onto a satellite planet that houses the last of the alien threat, which is subsequently eliminated. The planet then explodes and the heroes are sent drifting in uncertainty on a broken piece of rock from the planet. Behind them, an arthropod alien is revealed to be hanging on the side of the rock.

Levels Edit

1: Urban Warfare

2: Jungle Conflict

3: River of Destruction

4: Mountain Stronghold

  • Bosses

5: Bad Wavelength

  • Bosses

6: Virtual Zone

  • Bosses

7: Planet LP-426

  • Bosses

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