Contra: The Legacy of Red Falcon first stage

Contra: The Legacy of Red Falcon  (also known as C: The Legacy of Red Falcon) is a Contra fangame created by Cx4. It is an arcade platform shooter with retro graphics and Bill Rizer as main hero. The game made with Game Maker.


Rumor has it that one scientist got alien's DNA and trying to create a super-being. Soldier sent to explore, was missing. Meantime, in Neo City appeared hostile mercenaries. And Bill Rizer has to sort out the incident.


The gameplay is similar to the classic 8-bit Contra. In addition, there are elements of the later games in the series, such as the two weapons system and smart bombs. Also this game has some lifebar (optionally).

A variety of levels, weapons and enemies will not allow the player to get bored during this, in principle, short game. Most of the levels are classic side-scroller levels. There are two overhead and two auto-scrolling level with jetpack and bike.


  • In this game uses a lot of graphics and music from classic NES games;
  • Many elements are link to bootleg Contra games;
  • There are many cheat-codes, including famous Konami Code;
  • Last version (v. 2.0) was released on March 28, 2014. This version has new updated engine and some new weapons and bosses. Before it this game has 4 demo-versions and several bugfix.

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