Contra The War of the Worlds titlescreen

Title screen

Contra: The War of the Worlds (魂斗罗之星际战 in Chinese) is a game was been released by Konami in 2009 exclusively in China for Java cellphones.

Plot Edit

In 2641, zergs from SX Star began an attack on Earth and built a military base on the Moon. The government sent a single soldier to destroy the enemy.

Gameplay Edit

Level 1

Level 1

Game is a classic 2D run'n'gun similar to Contra 3. Player can hold two weapons and several smart bombs. Most important difference to most of Contra games is lifebar (although it is not on difficulty "Hard"). There is only sidescroller levels, but one has autoscrolling.

Levels Edit

The game has 4 sidescroller levels. Levels 1 and 4 has no special features. In level 2 there is some gravity troubles and Level 3 has autoscroling.

Video Edit

Contra- War of the Worlds (Java)09:09

Contra- War of the Worlds (Java)

Gameplay video

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