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Contra 4 (Known as Contra: Dual Spirits in Japanese) is released for the Nintendo DS and is the direct sequel to Contra III: The Alien Wars.

Story Edit

Two years after the Alien Wars, Earth is at peace again. However, the Black Viper returns after being defeated previously. She caused mass destruction over the planet. Strange readings are detected in the Galuga Archipelago. The Contra Force sends Bill Rizer, Lance Bean, Mad Dog, and Scorpion to investigate the readings. They found the readings that came from the Black Viper's main base. The 4 Contras battle the Black Viper's army, which consists of aliens, robots, and mutants. Later they find out that the Black Viper's parasite was none other than Jagger Froid inside her body. But the Contras managed to destroy the brain of Jagger Froid which could possibly be the brain of Black Viper and save humanity once again.


Stage 1 - Jungle (The Jungle theme has two songs; if the player chooses Easy/ Normal mode it will play the new one and if the player chooses Hard Mode the music will be the remix of Stage 1 from Contra)

Stage 2 - Lab and Waterfall (The music of this stage is the remix of Stage 3 from Contra)

Stage 3 - Base (The music of this stage is the remix of Stage 2 & 4 from Contra)

Stage 4 - Harbor

Stage 5 - Ocean (The music of this stage is the remix of Stage 4 from Contra 3)

Stage 6 - Factory

Stage 7 - City (The music of this stage is the remix of Stage 1 from Contra III: The Alien Wars)

Stage 8 - Alien Hive

Stage 9 - Harvest Yard (After beating the level on Hard, the player will get the Final and True Ending)


Contra 4 has been hailed as a rebirth of the Contra franchise, returning gameplay to the classic roots of the series. It has garned multiple awards including IGN's being "One of the Top Best Action Game" and 'Best Revived"[1], [2]. Gamespy's rated it 7th Being the best game of 2007[3] and one of the gaming target's "52 Games We'll Still Be Playing From 2007"[4]. Metacritic gave this game a score of 83/100, praising it as a return to the classic 2D Nostagia feel[5]. Gamranking rated this an 84.10%, as again being a favorable review marking the 20th Anniversary of returning to 2D Classic.[6].



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