Contra III: The Alien Wars [in Japan as Contra Spirits (魂斗羅スピリッツ) ] know as Super Probotector: Alien Rebels in the PAL Region is a sequel to Super Contra. It was originally released for the SNES, but it has been ported to the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Super System, and the Wii Virtual Console.

Story Edit

2636 AD. Neo City has been destroyed by an unknown laser attack. Within a single shot the whole city is destroyed, and the essence of Red Falcon appears in the skies. This attack began a war between Earth and aliens... THE ALIEN WARS! The last hope of humanity's survival is in the hands of Bill and Lance, and only they can stop Red Falcon and its deadly army. Eventually, the two manage to kill Red Falcon, stop its army and save mankind.


Contra III plays in a similar fashion to Contra and Super Contra; the player(s) must walk from left to right, shooting down everything in his/their path until they reach the stage's final boss. Stages 2 and 5 are in a top-down format where the player must destroy five enemy cores in order to gain access to the level's boss. The top-down stages also utilize the SNES' Mode 7 3D animation effects when the player turns left and right.

This time, however, more emphasis was put on singular/stationary mini-boss battles with only so much placed on the game's run-and-gun roots (something that would also be a part of Contra: Hardcorps). A few other effects and abilities are also in play, such as being able to shoot through walls and being able to stand still and aim the gun in any direction.

Some of the franchise's earlier weaponry returns (machine gun, spread gun, laser), but a number of new weapons also make their first appearances:

Homing Missiles: Fires out several orange, fast-moving missiles that home in any targets in their vicinity. Damage output is rather weak.

Crush Missiles: Fires out blue missiles that explode on contact, or after they travel a certain distance. The explosions cause successive damage to any target they hit.

Flamethrower: A large gout of flame projects from the gun's tip, causing major damage to anyone it cooks. The flame's distance is limited, however.

M-80,000 Bomb: A portable Helio bomb that, when activated, severely damages or vaporizes any enemy in its explosion's trajectory. The player always has one in his arsenal, even when coming back from death, and will get more from floating capsules. However, upon death, the bomb amount will be reduced to 1.

The player can also hold two weapons at once and can switch between the two of them on the fly. Should the player die, the gun currently equipped will be gone and replaced with the machine gun. If the player holds down both the L and R buttons, he will equip both guns and, upon jumping, will leap into the air and shoot both of them in spinning circles.


Stage 1 - Ground Zero

Stage 2 - Tearing Up the Turnpike

Stage 3 - Neo Kobe Steel Factory

Stage 4 - Road Warriors

Stage 5 - Nesting in the sands

Stage 6 - No Man´s Land

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