Contra Rebirth

Contra ReBirth is the ReBirth series of Contra. Developed by M2 and published by Konami America. It is the 12th installment of Contra. It released in Japan on May 12 2009, PAL Regions on September 4, 2009, and North American on September 7 2009. As of September 24, 2009 it has been released worldwide. It´s a game exclusive for the WiiWare.


Warning: Story may contain spoilers.

In 2633, the Neo-Salamander Force, led by their mysterious leader Chief Salamander, travels back to 1973 to eliminate the "Contra" Forces while the Earth Defenses are still primitive.

They set up base on the ruins of the Shizuoka Temple at the Yucatán Peninsula in Central America. Bill Rizer and Genbei Yagyu, two members of the present day Contra team, are deployed by Galactic President to travel back in time to stop them.

With the help of Tsugu-Min aka Browny, (an android shaped like a small girl), Newt Plissken, (a tall lizard-like humanoid alien), and Lance Bean, (Bill's old partner), the Contra Forces manage to overpower the Neo Salamander Force.

Chief Salamander, however, is nowhere to found.

In the true ending of the game, it is revealed that Chief Salamander was actually Pliskin all along. He infiltrated the Contra unit under an assumed name, but decided to abandon his evil ways and join their ranks.

(Sadly, the plot actually makes this much sense.)

Spoilers end here.


The dual weapon system from Contra III: The Alien Wars returns once again, although the upgradable weapon system introduced in Contra 4 is not featured in this installment, the player's rifle is now the Machine Gun once more. The power-ups in this installment consist of a Spread Shot, a Laser Gun (similar to the one in Contra 4) and a Homing Gun . Playing on the Easy setting will allow the player to always keep their current weapon after losing a life, a feature not available in any of the other settings.

The game consists of six stages. However, the sixth and final stage, along with the true ending, cannot be accessed when playing on the Easy setting.


Stage 1 - Satellite Warzone

Stage 2 - Dystopian Metropolis

Stage 3 - Armageddon Highway

Stage 4 - Hollow Netherworld

Stage 5 - Red Falcon Megalith

Stage 6 - Lunar Ultimatum


Overall, Contra ReBirth was received positively, with Gameranking rating the game 76.67% positive, and Metacritic giving the game 76/100. It was also rated one of the most underrated action games of the year and was nominated game of the year by Nintendo Power, as well as Best Action Game, but lost to Mickey Mouse.

Trivia Edit

  • During the ending of stage 3, an illustration is shown that parody Victory (1981), a movie starring by Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine, and soccer legend "Pelé".
  • The Galactic President image is inspired from the revolutionary commander Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

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