Contra: Stage 1

For the stage of the same name in Super Contra, see Super Contra Stage 3.

The Jungle is a location in Contra.

Dangerous areasEdit

Self-destructing bridgeEdit

There are two self-destructing bridges. Should one make their way to the other side, they will have a higher chance of obtaining a Spread Gun.


Bottomless pits; falling into one means death.

Base entranceEdit

The base entrance is a big wall armed with two guns and an entry door. Be careful of the rifleman hiding up there. Destroy the two sentry guns outside the base before firing at the guns and the door.

Weapons availableEdit

Pill Box SensorsEdit

  1. Fire Ball

Flying CapsulesEdit

  1. Machine Gun
  2. Spread Gun
  3. Fire Ball
  4. Laser