Garmakilma has been neutralized. We are now heading to Point B.
~ Cutscene dialog from the Famicom version

Waterfall is the third stage in Contra.


Note: In a cooperative game, players are advised to coordinate their movements to climb up together. If one player ascends too fast and by themself, the other player may get left behind and perish as the screen scrolls up automatically, being considered as having fallen off the screen.
Fire dashing around on the bridge

There is fire dashing around on the bridge, and one might grab a rifle power there.

Swimming gunman

Be careful of swimming gunman.


They might crush you to death.


Beware of the dragon up there. Destroy its arms before proceeding to its head. When finished, jump through the hole in its body.




  • The second part of Stage 2 in Contra 4 is based on this level.