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Did you know that...Edit

Contra in the PAL Region is know as Gryzor.

Gryzor is mistaken to be the japanese version of Contra.

The only Contra game that you can swim is in the level 1 of Contra.

There´s will be planned a Contra game for the Nintendo 64 but was cancelled.

The mini-blimps in the final stage of Probotector are white and purple.

The arm´s of the Stage 3 boss in Probotector are blue and red.

C: The Contra Adventure and Contra: Legacy of War were the failures of Konami America.

Contra Force is a game released only in North America.

Contra 4 was only released in America.

The Elevators colors in Stage 2 and 4 in Probotector are red and the other blue.


In Contra press Up,Up,Down,Down,Left,Right,Left,Right to obtain 30 Lives

NOTE:This code also function in the European version,Probotector and in the.
Japanese version

In the Base stages hold down in the gamepad 1 and hold up in the gamepad 2 and press B and you will shoot will you are crounch.

For the boss 3 in Contra got a Spread Gun and shoot the 2 arms,later keep in a safe distance and shoot.

In the Base stages,in the boss equip with a Spread Gun,put on a safe place and shoot one orb,when is destroyed the orb,shoot the Security System. repeat this to beat the boss easily.

For the Boss 1 in Contra got a Spread Gun,put in a safe place and start shooting

NOTE:Kill the soldier first.

In the hard Contra Mega Drive game in stage 3 before you break the door climb the wall to meet a Mysterious Character in the roof,he will ask you to go to the battle Arena to ``make some money´´.

If you accept he will say you Good Luck and you will enter to the arena you will have to battle 3 monsters.

If not he will say you Spineless Jellyfish and you will go down and the Security System will gone.

NOTE:If you refuse you,you can´t climb anymore

If you know about another Trick feel free to put in this section.


Contra is my favorite game,because of the weapons,aliens,robots,it´s incredible.To me the Japanese version of Contra for the Famicon is cool cause it has additional things.Anyone that play Contra must know what i am talking about.

Well,Contra Force is not my favorite one cause there´s no alien invasion,what´s that a no aliens,just what kind of Contra game is it!I think one bad.

And the character´s look ugly.

And the speed is so slow,it´s credible that Konami America made a lame Contra game.

So,everybody who want to play Contra Force,don´t play it.

Better play original Contra game´s instead of game´s from the junkyard.

I think that Konami should give the player a reward cause a great effort for nothing (except for save the world).

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