The Bugger (把妖虫 バッカー Wa Yōchū Bakkā?, lit. "Demon Insect Guard Bugger") is a recurring enemy in the Contra series. They are newborn aliens which quickly scurry along the floor.


Buggers are scorpion-like alien critters that incubate and hatch from living ovums known as Eggrons. They are renowned for appearing during most boss battles against Gomeramos King.

In Operation C, they are encountered contained inside of large glass tubes in a laboratory, from which they break out and scurry at the player.





  • The shape and way these enemies behave, as well as the type of organic hatches they are born from, is a direct reference to the facehuggers from the Alien franchise. Furthermore, the word bugger is a homonym of facehugger.

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