Deadeye Joe
Deadeye Joe
Name Deadeye Joe
Occupation Mercenary
Appearances Contra: Hard Corps (1994)
Deadeye Joe was a cybernetic mercenary hired by 'Colonel Bahamut' to distract the Hard Corps. He is killed later by the player in most of the scenarios.

Contra: Hard CorpsEdit

Deadeye Joe is first encountered when you defeat the unmanned robot. You have two choices.

  • Go After Deadeye Joe.
  • Rescue the Research Center.

If you choose the first option, you will chase Deadeye Joe. After the blind is destroyed, you will appear running in a street with Deadeye Joe controlling a giant robot. The robot has two phases: the normal one and the other is his body. When you defeat the robot he will reveal that it's just a decoy and will blow himself up. He is fought again in Stage 4. He will appear with a machine. The machine has 3 phases. The first one is the normal, it will fire various projectiles, which are easy to avoid. The second phase is the same, except that it doesn't have a chain and launches one laser. The third and last one is a bit harder because it will shoot a giant electric beam that goes in all directions. After the battle, he will fly away.

NOTE:if you choose Rescue the Research Center, he will prevent it and fly away.

After the battle you will be guided to a trap, Dr. Geo Mandrake will tell you to surrender peacefully.

Again, you get two choices:

  • Fight to the end
  • Surrender and fight later.

If you choose the first option and defeat Colonel Bahamut, he will appear and fight you personally, using a jetpack.

If you choose the second option, he will appear freeing you and give your weapons. appearing with another robot afterwards. If defeated, he will be killed by Colonel Bahamut. NOTE: If you choose "Rescue the Research Center" and "Surrender and fight later", he won't reappear.


  • In Probotector MD, his appearance is changed to a humanoid alien, and the player is no longer able to identify him.

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