Gava was a boss in Neo Contra. After he is defeated, his brain would then function as the next boss.

Strategy and Attacks Edit

First Phase Edit

You will recognise this creature from previous Contra titles, since he was the final boss in the arcade version of Super Contra (and a regular boss in Super C, the NES version), as well as a boss in Contra III: The Alien Wars and Contra: Shattered Soldier. This time his head is inside a capsule in the center of the room, with four smaller heads in floating capsules around him. Each head has both a bullet attack and the big head also has an electric attack. The smaller heads will stomp the ground, causing a wave of bullets to spread outward in all directions. The larger head can emit multiple bolts of electricity, but it only impacts a small area. It's very similar to the mech in Stage 3. The big head is shielded, but it is constantly dropping a section of shield to release a wave of bullets. Usually it only drops one or two sections of shield at a time (each section is about 1/6 of the full shield), however it will on occasion drop the entire shield and flood the room with bullets. The bolts never stop moving, so get used to run-and-gun tactics.

The electrical bolts are easy to avoid by themselves since they move fairly slowly. The danger is that they tend to blend in with the background and get lost in the field of bullets constantly flying at you. It's easy to get so busy trying to doge the projectiles that you run into a bolt of electricity. The bullet attack from a single small head is easy to avoid, but you can get caught in the cross fire of two small heads if you're not careful. The larger head's bullet attack is harder to avoid because the only way to hit it is through the opening it creates to fire on you.

First thing you have to do is destroy the smaller heads with lock on beams since you won't get percentage points for them if you take out the big head. Take them out one at a time since every time you destroy one it reduces the amount of things that can kill you. The big head is more of a problem since it will blanket practically any spot that would give you a clear shot with gun fire. You can either try to aim a shot at the head from where it isn't shooting, (but this requires very precise aim) or, since you can clearly see where the shield will drop (it turns brown right before it drops), you can get a shot off before it starts firing, though this is quite dangerous. The best time to hit it is after it drops the entire shield since it will stay down longer than usual. Basically, get in hits whenever you can and once you get rid of the smaller heads the only threat is the big head's wave of bullets.

Don't try using the Katana since it's suicidal with said weapon (you can't get close enough to attack). However, the weapon that makes this guy laughably easy is the 6V Laser (Weapon Set F) since it can go through the shields for some bizarre reason whatsoever. Just take out the smaller heads, stay behind a shielded section and fire away.

Second stage Edit

As in Contra III, after Gava dies, his brain remains behind to finish the fight. While the brain remains stationary there is still a lot of activity on the ground. Throughout the entire battle a large number of mines will be spinning around the room, which are hard to avoid since they sort of blend in with the background. The brain will also sent out energy balls that rotate around the room, must like the mines, but also slowly spiral outward. In addition to the orbs flying around the Brain can also shoot fireballs directly at you and drop exploding balls randomly around the screen.

The explosions are easy to avoid since they sit on the ground for a short time before detonating, and the fireballs don't seek so you can side step them. The mines and energy balls are much harder to avoid since there are so many of them and they move very quickly. As with several other bosses, focus on not getting hit more than shooting the boss. The Brain is directly a head of you and remains there, so you really can't miss.

Once the fight begins hold down the movement-lock buttons so you will remain facing directly ahead as you move about. Simply fire with whatever you have and it'll go down fast. Fast moving projectiles like the various lasers and machine gun are your best bet, despite being weaker than your heavy weapons. The orbiting mines/energy tends to intercept the slower projectiles so you'll miss a fair amount of the time. As with the Head, the 6V laser can take it down very quickly since it can cut through the mines.

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