Godomuga (分幻鬼 ゴドムガー Bun Genki Godomugā?, lit. "Splitting Illusionary Ogre Godomuga") is a boss in the Contra series. They are a pair of hovering automatons that can create illusory split images of themselves.


Godomuga are a pair of hovering automatons capable of creating "phantom" duplicates of themselves. Each of the devices is only vulnerable when its two phantom images merge together. They attack by launching homing projectiles that follow the player in a looping arc. Both Rangel and Garth infantry units are usually seen entering the fight to assist this boss.

When one device is destroyed, the surviving one will become more aggressive and start churning out even more projectiles at a faster rate; therefore, when only one is left, defense becomes more important than offense and the player is advised to destroy the remaining Godomuga as quickly as possible.

In Contra 4, Godomuga reappears as the boss of the third level, Base. In here, it periodically splits into two virtual blinking images that initially separate a short distance before retracting and merging. They merge at a different spot each time. All heads, whether merged or virtual, emit bubble dimers. After sustaining some damage, they take longer to merge, moving around and crossing over each other a few times before doing so.

In the first phase, the boss is vulnerable only in the single, merged form. At the beginning of the encounter, four barrels are dispensed from four holes at the base of the wall. Afterward, only two are dispensed at a time from holes that are selected randomly. Throughout the first phase, base security soldiers periodically appear.

After sustaining enough damage, phase two begins. Here, the boss stops forming virtual images and instead it rapidly and eccentrically moves left and right, emitting dimers more frequently. All other enemies stop appearing and the boss is now permanently vulnerable.




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