A giant monster with a rigid physique. Its full-body armor is meant to hold back its muscles, which otherwise threaten to swell yet larger. It can launch bladed saucers from its massive left arm.
~ Contra 3D official description

Gordea (兜鬼巨神兵 ゴルデア Kabuto Oni Kyoshinhei Gorudea?, lit. "Helmeted Demon Gigantic God Gordea") is a boss in the Contra series.


A gigantic armored soldier of origins unknown who guards the entrance to the Hangar. He attacks by sending out an endless assortment of spinning, bladed saucers which travel in different patterns. If being shot, he will start to jump in order to avoid the oncoming fire.

Two of them appear in the arcade version of Contra, one at the beginning of the Energy Zone and one at the end. They can throw saucers in a multitude of ways, whether it is at a far, medium, or short range, and these may travel in an undulating manner through the air. Once the second one is defeated, the player directly gains entry to the hangar, since both areas are connected.

In the hardest setting of the arcade version, Gordea will start hopping toward the player in an attempt to stomp them, although a skilled player may pass under him and attack him from behind.

In the NES version, Gordea is the end level boss of the same area and must be defeated in order to proceed to the next one. He retains most of his attacks intact, although this time the saucers only travel across the ground. He often walks from on side of the screen to the other in an attempt to bump on the player with his massive body, although he can be avoided with a well-timed jump. Jumps must be carefully maneuvered since Gordea is so large that jump evasion will be very tight; a miscalculation may result in a fatal bump with the giant.

Additional information

  • Age: ???
  • Height: 3.3 m (10′ 10″)
  • Weight: 250 kg (551 lb)





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