Jagger Froid
Name Jagger Froid/Emperor Demon Gyaba ( In Japan
Occupation Alien
Appearances Super Contra (1988)
Contra III: The Alien Wars (1992)
Contra: Hard Corps (1994)
Contra: Shattered Soldier (2002)
Neo Contra (2004)
Contra 4 (2007)
Contra Rebirth (2009)

Prior to Contra 4, he was known as Jagger Froid in America, in Japan as Emperor Demon Gyaba (天王鬼ギャバ, Tennou Ki Gyaba). It is an alien creature that is a major antagonist throughout many of the Contra titles starting with Super Contra. He belongs to the Red Falcon organization and is the highest ranking member, potentially its leader, as he is often encountered as the final boss near the end of the games.

Because the American localization of the first few games referred to Red Falcon as both the name of the organization and its unseen leader, coupled with the fact that Jagger Froid was the final boss in the 2nd and 3rd game (in particular the latter where he is shown having triggered the massive Alien Wars), this alien entity was considered by fans for years to be the true face of the enemy and associated the name Red Falcon with it. In Japan, that name has only been used to describe the alien armies. The release of Contra 4 in 2007 however officially labeled this creature as the Red Falcon itself, along with being male.

History Edit

Super Contra/Super C Edit

Jagger Froid is found at the very end of the final Hive level. He emerges from what might have been his prior form: an organic beast consisting of three, slightly fused, monstrous faces aligned horizontally. The design of these faces are a little identical to the head atop the boss of the Jungle stage (an immobile alien structure that protected the entrance to the hive). This organic barrier fires energy projectiles at a high rate of fire, with large mite-like aliens coming out of tunnels on the sides.

With the destruction of the barrier, a hardened bulbous-like mass is all that remains with a victory theme playing in the background, giving the illusion that players have beaten the game. Moments later however, the mass breaks apart, revealing a tunnel from which Jagger Froid's head emerges. His two snake-like arms come out from two holes located on the sides. Jagger Froid's attacks are extending his arms out periodically towards the players and releasing several aliens with scythes from his mouth. He has many vulnerable areas that can be destroyed, such as his both his eyes, the snake-arms, the pulsing-lungs located on the sides of his neck (when destroyed, the speed and rate in which his arms can extend are diminished considerably) and his main weakpoint: the red core located on his forehead containing an alien embryo, complete with an umbilical cord. Jagger Froid will attempt to protect this embryo by spitting out several small, floating masses that will spin around the red core which can be destroyed.

After sufficient damage has been dealt to him, his entire body begins to explode; amidst the explosions, the alien embryo can be seen crawling out of Jagger Froid's forehead before it unfolds its wings and flies away. The fate of this newborn alien is never revealed in future titles, but it can be assumed that it grew up into the new Jagger Froid that serves as the main antagonist of the sequel, Contra III: The Alien Wars.

The events featured in Super C (the console version of the arcade Super Contra) are considerably changed. To begin, Jagger Froid is no longer the final boss, due to the game featuring additional hive levels beyond the one he is featured in. His boss fight is largely simplified and easier overall: he does not possess two snake-arms, but instead releases fully independent alien serpents that come out of the holes located on Jagger Froid's sides before hiding away into the other and vice-versa. The destructible lung-like organs and red core containing the alien embryo on his forehead are absent. His eyes can no longer be destroyed but instead act together as Jagger Froid's main weakpoint(s). He only releases the red homing fireballs from his mouth. Contrary to the arcade version, defeating him does not bring about the end of the alien invasion, as it would seem Kimkoh takes command of the remaining army following Jagger Froid's death.

This marks Jagger Froid's first appearance in the entire Contra series. A specific detail that always remains with each incarnation, is the inability for players to see his entire body; he is so massive that only his upper body is ever visible on-screen, leaving it entirely unknown on what his lower half looks like, let alone how large it actually is. A plausible theory is that his lower half is directly connected to the surrounding alien hive, making the entire area simply an extension of his physical being.

Interesting to note is that Jagger Froid's size in this game remains as the most massive he's ever been in any Contra game.

Contra III: The Alien Wars Edit

Jagger Froid and his Red Falcon organization return and launches the most massive attack on Earth yet: using unknown means, he fires a massive beam on a populated human city, effectively turning it into a ruin. His face ominously appears as a giant apparition in the sky.

He isn't seen again until the final battle of the game, within the alien hive. He drags himself down from the tall ceiling when Bill Rizer and Lance Bean reach his lair (unlike his prior incarnation, in which Jagger crawled across the floor). In his default form, his attacks are: extending his two snake-like arms (their patterns are much more versatile) and when he temporarily retracts towards the ceiling, not only do each of his arms spit out 3 projectiles, he also spawns large floating alien grubs (identical to the ones birthed by the Parasite Slug) from his mouth. Like his prior incarnation in the Arcade version, Jagger Froid features several destructible body parts, increasing the difficulty of the battle players proceed to remove them. If either of his arms are killed, runner aliens will fall out of the gaping hole every time he retracts to the ceiling. If both his arms are killed, Jagger Froid will stop retracting entirely and will remain close to the floor, constantly releasing runner aliens from both arms wounds. If both his eyes are blown out, he will spit out alien grubs at a faster rate. His main weakpoint is the red core located on Jagger Froid's forehead, and hitting this area will cause the slight shaking of the entire area.

After sufficient damage, his entire body will begin to explode continuously until his face disappears and reveals his giant brain with a single eye in the front. This is the start of the 2nd phase of the battle: the brain rotates 8 different spheres around itself, each representing an attack it is capable of unleashing. Shooting one of these will trigger the attack associated with the sphere. Some of these attacks offer very little danger while others are incredibly difficult to maneuver and dodge. The challenge comes from having to aim the rapidly rotating objects in order to hit and trigger a desired attack that not only favors the heroes' survival, but also allows leaves the brain open to as much damage as possible.

When Jagger Froid's brain is defeated, it will turn into a dull purple and fall to the ground. Bill and Lance are picked up by their helicopter who infiltrated the weakened hive from above. The brain however will regain its red coloring before covering itself in a hardened, living organic armor featuring 4 limbs. It will use them to chase after the escaping helicopter in a final attempt to kill the heroes riding on it. Curiously, despite being clearly an armor of some sort, this alien requires less firepower to take down. It eventually explodes and presumably takes the whole hive with it.

Game Appearances Edit


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