Gembei "Jaguar" Yagyu.

Genbei Yagyu, also known by his nickname Jaguar, was a mysterious human alien who follows the code of the Samurai. He was also Bill Rizer's partner in Neo Contra and Contra ReBirth.

Information Edit

He partnered the Contra operative Bill Rizer to stop the Neo Contra order. The two eventually defeat the Neo Contra. Later, they battled Chief Salamander and his army and in turn, defeated them.

In Contra Rebirth, with the help of Browny the Robot, Pliskin, a lizard-like alien, and Lance Bean, Bill's old partner, the Contra manages to take down the Neo Salamander Force. However, Chief Salamander is nowhere to be seen. In the true ending of the game, it is revealed that Chief Salamander is actually Pliskin, who infiltrated the Contra unit under an assumed name.

Trivia Edit

  • He's from "Oh! Edo", a planet whose humans live outside of Earth. Justified since the space colonization policies took place before the events of Neo Contra.
  • He is based on legendary samurai Jubei Yagyu.

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