Contra: Stage 1

The Jungle is the first stage of Contra. NOTE: I do not have information about the copyright of the image!

Dangerous areasEdit

Self-Destructing BridgeEdit

The Self-Destucting Bridge is in 2 parts. If one gets to the other side, he/she has a higher chance of receiving Spread Power. Only one person can cross the bridge, and it is quite difficult to cross when there are 2 people.


Be careful!

Base EntranceEdit

The base entrance is like a refrigerator armed with 2 guns and an entry door. Be careful of the rifleman hiding up there. Destroy the 2 sentry guns outside the base before firing at the guns and the door.

Artillery you might getEdit

The first ammunition storer: Fire

The first capsule: Machine Gun

Second Capsule: Spread Power

Third & Fourth Capsules: Fire and Laser

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