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Image of Lance Bean taken from the cover of the original Contra.

Lance Bean was Bill Rizer's partner and is one of the protagonists of the Contra series. He is based upon Sylvester Stallone. His name is a tribute to actors Lance Henriksen and Michael Biehn, who appeared in the movie Aliens.

Information Edit

He fought alongside Bill Rizer in the original Contra against the terrorist organization "Red Falcon" eventually defeating the group, which later resurfaced in Super Contra and the duo were sent to recover the military base from the group and onward into The Alien Wars alongside Bill (In the American version both were replaced by Jimbo and Sully, their descendents, to explain the year gap) and ending it by defeating the Red Falcon and his army as well as the Black Viper later. Later, at an unspecified time he was assigned to a mission with Bill to a satellite array, and the array was fired, wiping out 80% of the Earth's population.

During a coverup, Bill was blamed for his "Murder" - in fact he was alive leading the Red Falcon organization as its new commanding general and was secretly the main villian in Contra: Shattered Soldier. During his final fight with his friend he injected himself with cells from Red Falcon and was ultimately defeated by Bill and Lucia in the end, but not before revealing the truth to his friend about the government cover-up, and the real truth behind the alien wars. His death later fueled Bill's mission in Neo Contra.


Contra: He is the 2P in the game. In the original arcade version, he is shirtless and has a red bandana while Bill wears a tank top and a blue bandana. In the NES and Famicom versions, he looks identical to Bill Rizer, except that he has red pants.

Super C: He is identical to his appearance in the first game.

Contra III: The Alien Wars: He appears again as the 2P, but has a different look, sporting an orange suit and a blue bandana. (In the North American version he is replaced by Sully).

Contra: Shattered Soldier: He is secretly the antagonist of the game.

Operation C: He is identical to his appearance in the first game.

Contra ReBirth: Lance appears in some cutscenes as a cross-dresser, and later rescues the player on the moon using a helicopter.


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