Alien Cell, as ripped from a spritesheet made by Maxim

The mutated form of the Alien Cell.

The Living Warhead is one of the final bosses in Contra: Hard Corps. It is a missile armed with the Alien Cell stolen from the research center that mutated into this abomination.


First, it sprouts huge clawed, skeletal arms from its left and right sides. These will spread out and then reach down to swipe at the player. After its arms are blown off, a long, snake-like creature will appear from the bottom of the main body, the tip ending in a hideous human face. The mouth will spit out a swarm of maggots, which will slowly crawl towards the player, then the face will open up, revealing an inflamed red core. This is its weak spot. After a few seconds the mouth will close up and the head will sweep to the opposite side of the screen, repeating its pattern.

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