Master Contra Neo Contra 2

In his 2nd forme as some jello face in the floor

Master Contra is the leader of the titular Neo Contra organization and is the main antagonist of the game. He is revealed to be Project C, the ultimate war machine created from Bill Rizer's consciousness.


He was one of 2 projects created to end all conflicts on earth. By implanting Bill Rizers consciousness into a weapon, Master Contra was created. He is a a space construct that has the power to vaporize a planet. he also appears as a robot in the image of Bill Rizer. He wants to get rid of structured society since it gives up on all morals when wars come along. He fights the other project, a clone of Bill Rizer in Neo Contra. He almost kills him but is stopped by the sacrifice of Mystery G. After leaving Bill and Jubei with the intention of them dying when he blows up the earth, they come up to his space contsruct and reveals their past. He fights in several forms but winds up getting blown up.


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