For the enemy referred to as "Vicious Slave Hawks" in the European instruction booklet, see Taka.

The Metal Alien (メタル エイリアン Metaru Eirian?) is a boss in the Contra series.


Super Contra

The Metal Alien is the boss of Alien Area 3. It is a winged creature that guards the tunnel that connects to the next area. It can be seen hovering above from the beginning and will descend to attack the player as they reach this location.

The monster will position itself near the center of the screen, from where it will perform a number of attacks such as spewing indestructible insect gels, stab the player with its retractable inner mouth, or simply by using its body to bump on them. It is not remarkably resilient, though, and will go down with just a few well placed shots from most weapons.

Contra III: The Alien Wars

In The Alien Wars, the Metal Alien appears while the player is climbing a wall after defeating Kimkoh. It teleports in and out and strikes with its tail in-between.






  • The Metal Alien is an obvious reference to the xenomorphs appearing in the Alien franchise, up to the point of recreating the creature's characteristic elongated head, retractable inner mouth and overall body design.
  • This enemy was originally planned to appear in Contra 4, but it was ultimately scrapped from the final release.

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