Newt Plissken
Plissken, From Contra ReBirth.
First Game Contra ReBirth
Designed By Yusuke Tokitsu

Newt Plissken is a reptillian alien otherwise known as Chief Salamander. Plissken is the mastermind behind the Neo-Salamander Force. He infiltrated the Contra Force and fought alongside them against his Neo-Salamander Forces for unknown reasons.


Neo-Salamander Force Edit

By using time-travel technology, the Chief Salamander and his personal army, the "Neo-Salamander" attacks the Contra Force in 1973. With their weapons "primitive", the Contras are helpless. The Contras of the present were sent to stop them but their ship had crashed, stranded in the now altered future, where aliens have ruled the Earth. Eventually, Bill and Genbei defeats Chief Salamander's army. After defeated, he decides to abandon his evil ways, joining the Contra under the name "Plissken".

Background Information and NotesEdit

In the Japanese version, Chief Salamander visually resembles Adolf Hitler. This was censored out in the North American and European releases.

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