Noiman Cascade mugshot

Noiman Cascade was an expert hacker hired by Colonel Bahamut to reprogram many robots to start an outbreak. The Hard Corps would be sent later to stop the outbreak. His fate is left unknown afterwards, although he is presumed to be imprisoned as he surrenders when he is defeated.

He most likely created all the robots in the Junkyard level to defend himself including the mini boss of the level.


He appears in Contra: Hard Corps as a boss the player also must defeat.

He is in the Junkyard level at the very end, he himself does not fight the player but instead he uses a machine in a special room to make moving constellations to attack the player, once three are destroyed then a new style of boss appears which consists of many blocks with a center red block which is the target for the player. The blocks shape into different objects changing shape each time the player does enough damage to it. Once all of mini bosses are defeated Noiman surrenders saying that he is just a programmer and not the real mastermind behind the truly evil scheme going on.

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