Name Probotector
Occupation Unknown
Appearances Contra (1987)
Super C (1988)
Operation C (1991)
Contra III: The Alien Wars (1992)
Contra: Hard Corps (1994)
Contra 4 (2007)

"Probotect and Serve." Edit

When Konami released the NES version of the original Contra in the PAL region (Europe and Australia) they modified the game by replacing the original main characters and most of the human enemies with robotic counterparts, re-titling the game Probotector (a portmanteau of "Robot" and "Protector"). The title referred to the two robotic soldiers modeled after Briareos Hecatonchires, RD-008 and RC-011, who replaced Bill and Lance in this version. This was presumably done due to the German Federal Agency BPjM, which banned the sales of media deemed too violent for children, including "content which glorifies war", thus necessitating the change to robotic characters.

In Contra 4, a Probotector appears as a secret character, and received something of a canon update; Probotector units are armed recon robots specifically used in areas normally too dangerous or threatening for humans to enter, an open reference to their appearance as the protagonists of the early European Contra games. Much as was the case for Scorpion and Mad Dog in Contra 4, Probotectors canonically served alongside Bill Rizer and Lance Bean during the first Galuga Island conflict.

Characters Edit

RD-008: Is the first player in Probotector, is gray and also appears as an extra character in Contra 4 called Probotector.

RC-011: Is the second player in Probotector, is blue and appears as an extra palette for RD-008 in Contra 4.

Game AppearanceEdit

  • Probotector (NES, 1987, Player)
  • GB Probotector (GB, 1991, Player)
  • Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces (NES, 1992, Player)
  • Super Probotector: Alien Rebels (SNES, 1992, Player)
  • MD Probotector (Sega Genesis, 1994, Player)
  • Contra 4 (NDS, 2007, Hidden Character)


  • In Contra 4 there is a enemy called "Proboterror." Fittingly enough, they are Probotector units corrupted and altered by Black Viper's forces. In addition to a standard humanoid form, they can re-constitute themselves if destroyed (in a mockery of the player's multiple lives), repairing themselves as an armed combat walker or dog-like recon robot.
  • In Contra 4 the playable Probotector has 3 alternate colors. In addition to the standard Probotector paint job (common to RD-008), you can also use the Blue RC-11 paintjob, a gold paintjob, or a dark purple paintjob.

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