A clone of the original Bill Rizer. This clone was a part of Project C with Master Contra, the A.I. based on Bill Rizer. The clone's main partner was Jaguar Yagyu.



The exact circumstances of this clone's "birth" remain unclear. It was somehow a part of Project C according to Master Contra.

First missionEdit

The clone was awakened out of a cryogenic pod by Tsugu-Min the robot. He had no memory of who he was and had to be told that he was Bill Rizer, a Contra soldier. The clone received a message from the Galactic President about the Neo-Salamander Force time traveling and invading Earth. After accepting the mission, he fought alongside Contra Force soldiers Genbei Yagyu and Newt Plissken.

After destroying the threat he back into his cryogenic pod. Shortly afterwards, Plissken revealed himself to Browny as the mastermind behind the Neo-Salamander Force. It is unknown if the clone ever found out.

Master ContraEdit