Mad dog and scorpion

Scorpion (bottom right) with the Contra force.

Name: Scorpion

Occupation: Soldier
Gender: Male
Age: Early 40s

Scorpion was a commando in the Contra force who first appeared in Contra 4.

Information Edit

According to Contra 4's partially re-written chronology of Contra, Scorpion first appeared in Operation C alongside his friend Mad Dog. Note: Mad Dog and Scorpion were originally the American names for Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, respectively. Moreover, Scorpion's appearance was based on Lance Bean's appearance in the arcade version of Super Contra.

Appearances Edit

Operation CEdit

Although it is unclear whether it was Mad Dog or Scorpion in the role of the playable character, Operation C let the player control a character in all-green clothes (like Mad Dog) and slightly tan skin (like Scorpion). He wears a black head-band and has somewhat cropped, blonde hair (like Bill Rizer).

Contra 4Edit

In  Contra 4, Scorpion wears bluish-purple military pants with a red bandanna. He appears to be of Hispanic descent, as indicated by both his skin color and appearance in the Manga.

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