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Sheera Etranzi
Sheena Etranzi
Sheena Etranzi drawn by Yasuomi Umetsu
First Game Contra: Hard Corps

"Let's rock!"


Contra: Hard CorpsEdit

A fierce warrior whose abilities go far beyond by those suggested by her appearance. Especially skilled in guerrilla tactics, in jungle combat she alone is said to be equal to an entire squad.

Contra 4Edit

Sheena contra4

Sheena as seen in Contra 4.

She is back as a secret character. In this game she loses her personal arsenal to have one similar to the other characters. Her being playable in Contra 4 marks her second appearance in the series as a playable character.


Weapon A: Genocide Vulcan - A large caliber machine gun.

Weapon B: Shower Crash - Shells rain down and explode.

Weapon C: Break Laser - A powerful, long-range laser. It is able to shoot through enemies.

Weapon D: Ax Laser - A wide beam homing laser.


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