Super Power Robot Yokozuna is a robotic boss who has made appearances in various contra games.

Contra: Hard CorpsEdit

Yokozuna hard corps

It appears in level 5; Military Train as the zones boss. It outruns a train and pushes it to a stop with its own power. Then it fires various attacks at the Player until it takes enough damage and climbs on the train to fight. In this part it walks around and kicks, as well as firing blasts or missiles and manage to bang the train to create flamewave. Once it takes enough hits, it goes haywire and runs around until the train pout into it and busts it apart.

Contra: Shattered SoldierEdit

Yokozuna shattered soldier

Super Robot Yokozuna return as the boss of Stage 2 in Contra: Shattered Soldier. Which it strategy is even more deadly than before right after catch on the train and it try to ram the cart unbalanced and firing it fist before it homing back before switching the other side and repeat the same pattern once more until it took enough damage and manage to outrun the train and stop it to pick it up releasing it pulse directing in three target before it took enough damage from the player and drop down. Which it disable it previous arm and switch it to more mobile one and hop into the train and continue battle against the player. Which it release it saw blade rolling toward it twice at a time after it had enough. Which transform into Jet and try it ram on it twice or thrice. Afterwards, it try to stamp on you two or three time before switching to other side and repeating the process once more until it finally take enough damage again. Where it walk on you until at the tunnel where it cut it body in half. However, the leg is still moving forward to you. Which the player must destroy it to complete the stage.


SHIN CONTRA - 11. Super Power Robot Yokozuna Jr02:56

SHIN CONTRA - 11. Super Power Robot Yokozuna Jr.

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