Takedda Robot trio

The Takedda Robot is a trio of robots that face the player on the way to the final battle with Colonel Bahamut in level 6 of Contra: Hard Corps. It is fought on the path taken by rescuing the research center and fighting to the end.

The fightEdit

1st you face each robot individually. it starts with the flying on who locks on and machine guns where you are. to beat this, move after it locked on and just keep blasting it.

After that goes down you fight the under water one. If you are fast enough, you can waste it before it can attack.

After that you face the dolphiny one that jumps from below. it has a patters of going left to righjt, then jumping over you to the left then right a few times. then it tries to target you with tackles before restarting the pattern. Avoid it and open fire to waste it. The slide helps.

Then they merge into their 1st combo who runs and dive tackles you. jump when he does that and keep blasting. He also does hand stand flips like on power rangers to try to crush you and you gotta move under him while hes jumping. After walking on his hands a bit he flips back so you gotta go under him. the slide helps

Then he turns into a bird forme that flails around before using a lightning blast from the mouth. get in close to him to avoid it.

then it turns into a tank leg forme that grows a power pole from its hand and tries to ice you with it. he gets in close and slams the pole down behind you, trapping you between him and the pole. inch toward him while blasting to avoid being touched by either the grinding treads or the power pole.

After beating this last forme they look to recombine but blow apart in a fireball


The 3 vehicles combining is crazy ways and forming different super robots is a reference to the 1st transforming super robo anime Getter Robo by Manga master Go Nagai and his homie Ken Ishikawa. Forme 1 and 3 are nearly identicle to the Getter Robo forms 1 and 3

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