Triumvirate 1

Them gaining the powers of the Relic.

The Triumvirate are a trio of ancient men who had governed Earth. Their names are Gaius, Nero, and Commodus.


Many years ago, before the start of the Contra series, they stole the Moirai Relic, which led to Red Falcon invading to get the relic back. After Red Falcon was destroyed in The Alien Wars, the Triumvirate framed Bill Rizer for killing his partner Lance Bean and 80% of the human population and sentenced Bill for 10000 years in prison, but release Bill in 2647 to stall for the near-complete analysis of the Relic. After Bill discovers the truth, he confronts the Triumvirate, but by then the analysis is complete. However, the relic overwhelms the Triumvirate, transforming them.

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