Tsugu-Min (BR-W9) is a small android "girl" affiliated with the Contra Force.



Tsugu-Min tells the clone he is Bill Rizer.

She is apparently a new design of Browny. Tsugu-Min awakened the Project C Bill Rizer clone first time presumably, as he did not know anything about who he was. Tsugu-Min sent him on a mission against the Neo-Salamander Force with his partner Genbei Yagyu.

A Contra soldier by the name of Newt Plissken threatened her after putting the Rizer clone back to cryosleep. What transpired after that is unknown.

Bckground Information and NotesEdit

  • Tsugu-Min's serial number is BR-W9 (as play on Brownie).
  • She can be Unlocked by clearing the game on "Easy Mode".

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