Warp Bomber

Sheena faces Warp Bomber in the Battle Arena


Warp Bomber is a boss fought in Contra: Hard Corps. In Stage 3, right before entering the room to fight the Computer Hacker, if the player climbs up the wall, he or she will find a mysterious character. He will ask if you want to fight in the arena. If the player answers "Yes", the player will go to an arena where they will fight Simondo Belmont, Psycho Mother and Warp Bomber.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Warp Bomber appears to be a mixture of flesh and metal with a fiendish face in the center and steel plates on the side. It has the ability to launch bombs from its mouth that detonate after a set period (a counter on the bombs) and fire homing missiles. It also can escape into an inter-dimensional portal and emerge in another one in a different location(although this can malreact and cause a fold in the time-space continuum leading to time traveling results).

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